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Video on Khamu Solutions by Zions Bank Speaking on Business Series

Read the script for the video here, or just watch it!

Whether you live to eat or eat to live, dining out is an important part of the Idaho state economy.

This year restaurants are projected to generate $2 billion in sales for the Gem State, also accounting for 9 percent of the state’s employment base. Khamu Solutions is an important supporter for this strong Idaho industry.

Khamu Solutions is a point-of-sale solution provider for restaurants and stadiums throughout the U.S. This includes the software and devices to do electronic ordering right from the table. Some devices you take right to the table and others are strategically placed throughout the restaurant. No matter the setup, these solutions are designed to streamline the ordering and payment process. Khamu provides everything needed to make this solution work. This year marks their 10th anniversary of being in business.

Founder Steve Lipkin first opened shop following his move to Boise in 2002. He had been working in the high tech world, but after moving to Idaho, he decided to start a restaurant with a little something extra. He used a handheld device to take orders at the customer’s table ... something nobody else was doing at the time. Once the local baseball team, the Boise Hawks, saw the system, they wanted to incorporate it into their stadium, and Khamu Solutions grew from there. This is an extremely competitive business to be in, so Khamu is up against big names. The key to success is to differentiate themselves and they’re able to do that through price point and service. That’s how Khamu has been able to cultivate customers from Alaska all the way to D.C., with the majority of them located in the Northwest.

Khamu has also expanded their offerings so they’re now providing digital marketing website design, hosting, online table reservations, online ordering and digital menu boards. Steve says the trend on the horizon is for customers to walk into a restaurant, place their order on an electronic device and have it delivered to their table. And Khamu is staying on the cutting edge of these developments. 

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