Software & Support

More than just a restaurant Point Of Sale system, Sapphire is a POINT OF SERVICE solution that will reduce overall operating costs and increase the quality your customers' experience. Backed by 24/7 support, see why Sapphire is the solution your business has been looking for.

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Web & Digital Marketing

Khamu offers a variety of web-based solutions to help restaurants and other businesses succeed. Offering Website Development, Integrated Online ordering, Social Media Maintenance, Online Table Reservations, and more, Khamu can help your business stay far ahead of the curve.

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Hardware & Supplies

Although we are non-proprietary, we can help you source the right Terminals, Printers, Tablets, Paper, Gift & Loyalty Cards and other peripherals and supplies that you need for your Point of Sale system. Order online HERE or call us at 1.877.356.6580.

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About us

Khamu Solutions is an innovative technology solutions company specializing in table-service restaurants and seat-service sports venue markets. Our mission is to eliminate common food service weaknesses such as slow inattentive service, poor and inefficient flow, and lack of realistic tools for food service business owners. We take great pride in the significant progress we have made in bringing customer satisfaction back to the point of service. The Khamu Way is service-driven, satisfaction centered, and free of inefficiencies inherent in traditional food service. Khamu Solutions utilizes open systems, running on non-proprietary hardware. Khamu isn't just another way of running your food service business; it's the right way.

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