Khamu Solutions is a Point of Sale company that was founded in 2003 for the sole purpose of providing Point of Sale solutions to restaurants and stadiums of all sizes by mixing wireless handheld devices and hard-wired terminals thus ensuring stability, speed and security while also allowing for that restaurant or stadium to become much more efficient in servicing their customers. Our mission has always been to be a leader advancing Point of Sale software while also providing superior service and this mission continues on today with the same passion we had over a decade ago.


Khamu Solutions not only offers software and service experience but several years of restaurant and hospitality experience as well. We have "lived it," so to speak, so we have a much better grasp on what it takes to run a restaurant the correct way. The correct way is the profitable way. We were "first to market" with this concept in 2003 and we continue to be a leader in the Point of Sale market as our philosophy has not changed while our products have evolved into an even better offering.  Our competition has been playing "catch up" ever since and will continue to as we are always adding features and product lines that compliment Sapphire along with continually researching the marketplace so we can stay "ahead of the curve." All of our experiences at Khamu Solutions have played a role in tailoring Sapphire to meet the needs of any and all hospitality venues, whether they be small coffee shops, pizza places, assisted living facilities, cafeterias or baseball stadiums, Khamu will have a product that will fit the bill.


Many companies claim to offer great service and support once the sale is done but many of those companies are not able to deliver on the claims they make. We at Khamu are quite different as our service level is unmatched in the industry. We offer 24/7 support with technicians that solve issues, not just take phone numbers to pass on to another organization. We never charge extra for calls on nights or weekends as this is when our customers need support more than ever. We have picked up many customers over the years due to their former Point of Sale provider not servicing their product but we have NEVER lost one for this reason.


We have always been about giving customers options rather than instructions. For example, we partner with several credit card processors thus allowing the customer to choose their credit card platform as opposed to us telling them who to use, as many of our competitors do today. We also allow for our customers to provide their own hardware if they choose. This is not common with our competition as they want to force customers to use their brand of hardware while we prefer our customers to have a say in what type of hardware they want for their particular environments. Especially when it comes to tablets, whether you prefer Apple products or Android devices, it will work for us as the world is not a "one device" world despite what any company wants to tell you.