A custom mobile app for your business can have an almost immediate impact on your sales. We can help you make one! The app will tie in to your mobile ready website, social media sites and other sites you may already have such as online ordering and online reservations.




Customized for You
Get an app that is customized for your business with a design and tool set to get the most of your customers.
Better Customer Engagement
By keeping your restaurant and customer connected at all times you will experience improved engagement.
Direct Marketing Tool
Send push notifications to enjoy a better response and action rate according to research than text or email marketing.
Cultivate Customer Loyalty
Make a true connection with your customers and gain their loyalty by being just a fingertip away at all times.
Stand Out from Competition
Take the technological lead or keep up with your competition by investing in a mobile app for your business.
Value for Your Customers
By incorporating certain features such as loyalty programs and quick access to ordering you provide a key value to your time-conscious customers.

Custom Mobile App
$ 1000
Setup fee
$50 monthly maintenance fee
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Custom Mobile App with Online Ordering
$ 1500
Setup fee
$75 monthly maintenance fee
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